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hey any other ideas on these? anyone like them?Help me find some t-shirt ideas(you shouldnt have to have watched a movie/known about a private joke, they should be funny on their own)oh and dont be offended, just my crude humor, I'm not like this at all(well the GAAKS thing is true for me)

T-shirt labels(no copying into  they're good enough but still) sorry but I made them for girls only:
"Please look at my boobs(I ran out of a good catch phrase)"(this of course is to be printed right on the chest like all labelled shirts for girls only)
"Hey! I have a snake too! My mommy says its a deformation but I say its a snake..."
"GAAKS: Girls Against "Ashton Kutcher" Shirts"(reference to all those "I'm too young for Ashton", "I married Ashton Kutcher", "I'm Ashton's Ex Girlfriend", "Mrs. Kutcher" etc: it gets old)
"Guys are my bitches"
"I'm a slut; why else would you be reading this shirt right on my boobs?"
"Whorish clothing only makes guys like you more"

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