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Starry Skies and train cars

Looking for advice, thoughts, comments? Constructive only. It's a rough draft, so spelling/grammatical errors are not fixed. So please refrain from being part of the grammar police besides, I suck at grammar anyway

Starry skies and train cars

tick tock, tick tock. Janis could hear her watch clicking away the seconds of her life, two steps closer to the edge of the train tracks. The wind blew through her thick blonde hair, single strands entangled in her glasses, she wrinkled her nose as her hair brushed aganist her face.

Martey was sitting on a box car, smoking a cigarette looking up at the starry sky.

"Endless chances to go somewhere, and we never go. We talk, but we never go... why is that jan?"

"It's safe to stay, it's safer this way. Box cars go and come back, this is their home, and it's ours. We talk because it comforts us that we *could* go if we wanted to. but we know we never will..."

Janis voice trailed off as she hoped over the last bit of track, standing next to martey. Marteys hair barely touching her chin, always tucked behind her ears. her eyes glowing in the light.

"Why won't we go anywhere?"
"I don't know, we just won't... Fate? nature? I can't say martey"
"It's a shame, because I'd go anywhere in the world with you" "you would?"

Martey smiled the sly smile, that always made janis melt. she knew just what to say and do to make janis feel like she was the only person on the earth, that mattered any.

"Of could I would janis, with you the world gives me possibilities, endless you know"
"I would go anywhere with you too, but i like it here"

Janis sighed, as martey took a long drag off her cigarette, her eyes welling up with tears as the smoke hits her in the face.

"I know you do, hun. I know you do"
"You're not mad are you?"
"No of course not, I've just never stayed in one place this long. It's hard to stay put."
"I know...."

Janis grabbed marteys hand, and pulled her off the box car, Janis turned on the small cheap portable radio.

"Dance with me, martey jacobson!, dance with me until you can't dance anymore"
"I don't dance, jan and you know this..."

Janis looks up at martey with those big blue eyes, and pouty lips.. janis knew this was the one thing martey could not resist. An innocent girl with a beautiful pout.

"I never win with that, you know!?"

Janis giggled, as she clasped her hand to marteys and put her head on marteys shoulder...

"I know, its your weakness. It's my only advantage over your stubborness"
"I'm not stubborn, just shy i guess..."

Martey was shy, she always felt akward around janis, never really knowing what to say, or how to start anything. Janis was the most beautiful, talented and amazing girl martey had ever laid eyes on, and the first girl she fell in love with. Marteys past made her shy of getting close to people, she liked the mystery of moving starting over as she called it.

But for some reason, now that she had janis, her urge to move didn't seem as strong as it usually was.

"Martey, can I ask you something?"
"Of course, my beautiful"
"Have you talked to your mom, since comming here?"

A long pause, cough and than a head shake, that was saying no.

"No, i haven't...."
"Isn't she worried about you?"
"I doubt it...."
"I'm sure you're wrong..."
"Trust me, she's not worried about me. Never was when i was growing up. I don't expect her to care about me now."
"I'm sorry for bringing it up..."

Janis always had a way of bringing up things, she knew better than bringing up. She somehow always actracted the torture artist types, but martey wasn't an artist, a writer, or anything more than a drifter with an exceptional way about her, that confused and elated janis.

"What does your mom think about me, janis?"
"She doesn't have anything aganist you, she thinks your way to quiet and way too nice..."
"Too nice?"
"hehe, yeah my mom isn't used to people calling her "ma'm" and saying "please and thank you" all the time.
"you say it, and so does your sister"
"Well that's us, but as far as guests go, everyones always called her "mum"

Martey laughes, and wraps her arms around janis' waist. holding her tight, she can hear janis's heat beating.

-thump, thump'a thumpthump-

The vibrations of janis's heartbeat sent shivers down marteys spine.

"I want to hold you forever, janis lynn seymoure"
"I'm all yours"

Hand in hand, they walked back to janis's house watching the stars float endlessly across the sky....

Dalice Winter

I am sorry if you see this more than once, I x-posted it to a lot of writing communities
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